Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Life in Photos

I had many photos that didn't really require a blog post all by themselves, so I thought I'd post them all here together.

A few weeks ago, my girls and I were invited to attend a "going-away" lunch for my mom. She had been employed at this job for 30-something years and due to budget cuts, she was cut. Nice, huh?? Anyway...this group of co-workers (show in this photo) have been together since I was around Audrey's age. They are like family to us. It was so wonderful to get to have lunch with them and reminisce and hear all of their hilarious adventures they have had together.

Here, Audrey and Addison are "riding" with their Uncle Keith. Before those of you that know him have a heart attack or report me for neglect, this was posed for a picture in my mom's driveway...NO! They weren't out on the roads traveling like this!! I am MUCH smarter that that! LOL

Addison- my Miss Hollywood! It doesn't get much cuter than this!!

Yep, Addison is soaking wet, dirty and standing in the dog's water bowl with one shoe on. She was having so much fun!

Addison was acting silly with Granddaddy's hat.

I promise Audrey is around too. She just isn't a fan of photos anymore :(

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