Friday, December 7, 2012

Dancing Darlings

At the beginning of December, the dance studio where Audrey and Addison take lessons have a Visitors' Day. Family members get to pile into the studio and watch these little darlings. 
Corey was on shift at the fire station (of course) but a co-worker was nice enough to work for him long enough to allow him to come watch both girls. Grammy also joined us for the special day.
This is Addison's first year taking dance.  She loves it and is always showing us what she has learned.  This day was just her cup of tea because she got to show off her moves.

I was really impressed with how well she was doing.

Seriously, can she get any cuter?!?

This is Audrey's 2nd year taking dance.  She really enjoys her classes and I often find her practicing all over the house.  Audrey has really grown and improved with her dancing abilities.

Miss Molly Brook is the teacher for both girls even though they are in different classes. She is an amazing teacher and has so much patience with these little ones.

It takes lots of focus in that tap dance!

It thrills me to see my sweet girls enjoying dance so much.  I'm so glad that we got to have a sneak peek into their classes.

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