Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the Christmas Spirit

We've started a tradition (Audrey, Addison, Grammy and myself) after the Christmas tea party, we all meet, grab some lunch and go wait on the Christmas parade that happens in the nearby town shortly after the party.
Audrey and Addison enjoyed munching on their "old McDonald's" food while waiting for the parade to begin.

And a little Grammy lovin' while we wait.

Addison practiced her photography skills.  This kid is REALLY good with a camera!  I am amazed at some of the photos she takes.

Finally, the parade arrives and Addison was eagerly awaiting some candy.

Miss Hollywood, aka Audrey, sporting her new necklace she caught.

We always have such a great time at the parade.  This year the weather was perfect!  Made for a great day.

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Nancy said...

Too cute! I love hearing about tradtions for they make so many heart memories for the loved ones. Happy New Year, dear friend.