Thursday, February 28, 2013

Addison~ 3 years old

My precious Addison...
3-years-old!! How can it be?  Was it really that long ago that I held your perfect little blue-eyed self for the first time?  I have no idea what we would do without you. You bring so much silliness and laughter to our lives.

You are outgoing, loving, silly, and full of mischievousness.
There is never a dull moment with you around.  You are fearless to try things yet won't watch Disney movies or other shows that have "mean people" in it because it scares you.
I love how you give us big squeezes and kisses. And you have to have your belly and back rubbed every night with "scratchy" on your beloved blankie before you can go to sleep. Yes, you are a little spoiled.
Here are some other things I want to remember about you:
* You wear a size 2T/3T clothes
*Weigh 27 pounds
*Are 36" tall
*Wear size 7 toddler shoe
*Are potty trained (except occasionally at night)
*Love to watch Barney, Max and Ruby, and any show that sings and dances (Wiggles, Sing-a-long)
*Enjoy playing outside and getting wet/dirty
*Do really well riding your tricycle and can even ride Audrey's bike
* Love your big sister and try to do everything she does
*Enjoy preschool (your friends are Ella Grace and Addi Belle)
*Love, love, love to sing and dance
* Always carry blankie, Care Bear, baby and Pep
*Don't like sodas (they are "spicy")
*Still like to snuggle
*Enjoy listening to books

There is so much about you that I hope I never forget. These pictures really capture your personality. The expressions you make are always so entertaining!
You, Little Bit, are a wonderful blessing to our family.  May you never forget how special you are to us!  I love you around to Jupiter and back!

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