Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Addison's Big Girl Room

For Addison's 3rd birthday she wanted a "big girl horsey bed".  So I thought it was a great time to redo her room and transform her toddler bed into a "big girl" bed.
Here are a few before photos:

Corey and I sent the girls to Grammy's house for the weekend and got busy cleaning out and redecorating.  It was bittersweet for more "baby" stuff which meant my Little Bit is growing up.  (Too quickly, I might add).
Addison had shown me what comforter set she wanted from Target. She was quite opinionated about it.  Then I found a few other accents to go with it at Hobby Lobby.

I thought it turned out wonderfully.  Even cuter than I envisioned.
After we picked up the girls from Grammy, we brought them home to see the surprise.  (They had no clue that we were redecorating Addison's room)
This was Addison's response when she first saw the room:

I think she loved it!

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