Monday, February 18, 2013

Addison's 3rd Birthday Celebration

This precious child celebrated her birthday all week long!  She began to think that everyday was her birthday!  But birthday celebrations are so much fun!!
Continuing family tradition, Addison had her birthday muffin with a candle on top the morning of her birthday.  Can you tell she was excited??
Then Grammy came up to visit the next day to spend the weekend with us and help me with party preparations. Addison had cupcakes and another celebration with us.

She got to open one gift on her actual birthday.  It just isn't fair if you don't have SOMETHING to open on your big day.
She got Barney videos.  A whole lot excited, you think?? 
Then on Feb. 17 (2 days after her actual birthday) we had her big birthday blast.  This year she chose a Max & Ruby theme.  (Yep- this mommy's very least favorite tv show is the one my child loves the most- sigh!)

This year we kept it pretty simple with just one other child and a few family members and friends to join in our celebration. I do think it was the best decision ever because we were all able to visit and have so much fun.
We had "bunny food"
And Max's "worm cakes".  (This will make sense to you only if you have ever watched that "nails-on-a-chalkboard-kinda-annoying" tv show)
We included some "Ruby cakes"...
...and "bunny berries".
I printed out some Max & Ruby coloring sheets and bookmarks for the kids to decorate.
Sand buckets full of goodies for the take-home gifts.
The birthday girl, excited and ready to party!  And if you've been reading this blog long enough, you may remember that this is the same birthday outfit that Audrey wore for her 3rd birthday here.

The 3 musketeers!
A little balloon battle.  I think Addison may have been at a disadvantage since she was blindfolded! Haha!
Our family!  We love our Little Bit!
Ready to blow out her 3 candles.
Addison chose a "Max cake" and it was apparently good according to the evidence all over her face.
Silly girls!
Present time!!

The girls discovered a fun new "game".  They tied helium-filled balloons around their waists and ran all over the house.  They found that so entertaining.
What a fun birthday party!!  I loved celebrating my precious little girl with all of our wonderful friends and family.

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Nancy Hood said...

What beautiful babies. What a precious family.