Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Puppy Love

My daughter loves, I mean LUUUUVVVVSSS, our dog Sadie.

Numerous times each day Audrey wants to go outside, simply to find "Saaeee" and share some love with her. You see, Sadie is a sweet, calm black lab. One of the best dogs I've ever had. She is wonderful with Audrey, allowing her to drool, pat, love and even at times sit on her. But, the dog only has patience for just so much ya know. After, oh say, 50 times of Audrey pestering her, she finds a hide-out somewhere. I'm sure she is thinking "Whew, I really wish they'd put a leash on that kid."

Considering that Sadie, weighs in at a light 105 lbs., she could easily roll over and squish little AK. Her sweet, gentle demeanor allows Audrey to keep coming back for more.

These pictures were taken on about the 10th "love" Audrey gave to Sadie. Trust me, there were many more to follow. But doesn't this just melt your heart?


Jenny said...

Too cute! Sadie is as big as Audrey!

Nancy Hood said...

aw, what memories ~ hope Sadie lives for a long, long, long time :)

Diana said...

Aww too precious!