Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Slight Addiction

Ok, I admit...I have a sweet tooth. One of my true weaknesses is to have a package of this on hand. No, not to be cooked...but to be consumed raw. Yes, I is dangerous...raw eggs..blahblahblah. And I am quite certain that one day I will regret eating this "dangerous" item. But it is must admit. As I was snitching another from the package I looked at my sweet hubby and said "I do believe I have an addiction problem". Of course being the darling husband that he is, he quickly agreed with me---ok so he could've just said that I was just satisfying a craving for sweets. He didn't have to go so far to agree with the "addiction" statement. What did I expect, he is one of those "call 'em like I see 'em" type folks. Aaahhh, the honesty.

Well, I am about to go enjoy another piece. And in my dreams it will be just like my cousin once told me---they have no fat grams or calories unless you cook them. Ha Ha! I'm going to pretend it is the truth anyway. YUM!


Cassandra said...

I love doing that too!!! I could just sit & eat a whole one if I let myself! I like your thinking that it doesn't count unless you cook them!!! I am so going with that too!!!

Me said...

I, and I've never told anyone this, cook a batch when John's working and I'll eat the whole thing with glass upon glass of icy sweet tea!!! BUT my addiction comes in the form of a iced down classic Coke!!!!!