Tuesday, September 9, 2008


One of my most favoritest people (yes, I learned that from some of my previous 2nd graders) in the world asked me in an email the other day "Don't you just love the relationship we have had all these years?". Thanks, Nan for giving me this point to ponder. My answer to her is YES! She has been my friend, mentor, adopted mom, a shoulder to cry on, a counselor, but especially on who helps me evaluate my life and find the love and laughter that get me through the hard times. I love you, Nan! With that in mind, I had to pause with tears in my eyes as I saw this picture that I happened to "capture" the other day.

My mom, aka Grammy, Audrey and I went to the park together. I had intentions of taking some photos of AK at 16 months (which she did not want to cooperate for). After several attempts at photographs, we took Audrey to the playground and enjoyed a DQ Blizzard together. My mom and I have always been very close and enjoy spending time together. Anytime Audrey sees Grammy after being away for any stretch of time, she just giggles and shivers with excitement. When I looked at this picture, it really summed it up. Audrey is enjoying that close bond with my mom the way I always have. The reality overwhelmed me when I realized just how much I long for that same close relationship with my daughter. I never truly understood that "mommy love" until I had a baby myself. It brings me to tears at times when I consider just how much I love my little girl.

My wish is for each of you to have "that kind" of relationship in your life. Love like there is no tomorrow.

To my Mom~thanks for the relationship we have always had and continue to have, and for the one you share with my wonderful daughter

...and Nan~ Thanks for showing me how to love and cherish all those relationships (especially ours). Your example helps me stop and take inventory of my heart.

Love to you both!


Nancy Hood said...

Okay, so it's late Wednesday night and I'm just now catching up on my favs~pass the kleenex, please. I feel the same and you summed it up totally! forever and a day, Nan

Nancy Hood said...

love the page decor!! did you have to purchase any of it?!