Thursday, April 30, 2009

Audrey's Birthday- Part 1

We had a wonderful time in Atlanta for Audrey’s birthday. Thursday we drove over and stopped at the Atlanta Zoo before checking in the hotel. The weather was just beautiful and Audrey LOVED seeing the animals. Toward the end of our visit to the zoo, Audrey spotted the carousel and wanted to ride. She decided that she wanted to ride on a particular animal that went “up and down”. Well, that didn’t last but about one round and she was crying to get off. So I moved her to the animal behind it which was stationery. That suited her much better, so then she started waving at Daddy each time we passed. Of course, we couldn’t skip out on the train ride, which she enjoyed as well.

After the zoo, we checked into our hotel. It was quite nice…lovely soft bed and pillows. Deciding we were hungry, but not wanting to get out in the traffic again, we walked to a nearby restaurant. I was a bit nervous when we walked by the window and saw nice linens on the tables with candles. Now, you know me…not exactly high maintenance…and did I mention that we had just left the zoo. Needless to say we were not “dressed-up”. Corey decided that we have walked all this way…so we were going in to eat. I suck it up and enter where we are seated at a table among folks dressed much nicer than we. (Of course I am a bit concerned about our 2 year old’s behavior as well.) Next they placed the menu in front of me and I made the mistake of looking at the prices. This is the moment that my jaw hit the floor and I start grabbing for our bags. Once again, Corey is going to eat here….he’s starving by now. I AM NOT THRILLED!!!. We place our order, endure a mediocre steak, and drop quite a bit of money. And to top it all off…when we get ready to leave…it starts storming outside. I’m talking pouring rain, lightening, thunder, and hail---and did I mention that we WALKED to the restaurant?? All Corey and I could do at this point was look at each other and laugh…ahh…the memories we made. (I was so shocked, I forgot to take a stinking picture of the place!)

When we arrived back at the hotel, drenched to the bone, we all had showers and enjoyed some snuggle time. Our little birthday girl was so wound up that it was 10:00 before we finally got her settled down.
During our snuggle time, I painted my “big girl’s” toe nails. She thought she was really something and went around showing off her pink toes to everyone the next few days.

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Nancy said...

I am so glad the three of you made this trip :) awesome heart memories for all!!