Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Sunday

After church on Easter Sunday, we had a family picnic and egg hunt at Grammy and Grandaddy's house. The Dozier family, McGriff family and Thomas family joined Audrey and I for a great time. Poor Corey was quite sick and stayed back home in bed.

Audrey loved "hunting" the eggs. She liked finding the eggs that were shaped like animals first before picking up the "regular" eggs. Once she had her eye on eggs of a certain color, she would run past several eggs before picking up the desired colored egg. Eventually she would come back to retrieve the others.

When Audrey would find an egg she would run to Keeley or Aunt Carol to open it for her. Then she would run back to find another. This cycle continued over and over and over again. Picking up each egg, Audrey would shake it. If the egg didn't make a rattling sound she would think there was nothing in it and toss it back to the ground.

After finding all sixty-something eggs she wanted more.
This year, Easter was so much fun with her. She actually "got" the whole hunting the eggs and Easter basket thing. She was so cute and provided all of the adults with so much laughter.

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Nancy said...

loved the part about throwing the 'quiet' eggs back!