Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

My mom, Audrey and I attended an Easter egg hunt sponsored by Mom's church. After the shock of being stampeded by many larger kids, Audrey regained her composure to find a few eggs of her own. She was thrilled when she opened the egg to find goodies inside. She also got to visit with a few friends that are dear to me.
Oh Wow! There's candy in here!!
Caden, Audrey and my friend Sheila
Audrey and mommy's long-time friend Sheila.
Audrey with Uncle Charles and Aunt Mott. This couple has been dear to me since I was Audrey's age. It thrilled my hear to see Audrey take to them the way she did. She sat with them for the longest time. So sweet!

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Jenny said...

Love the pictures! Too cute!