Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Audrey!

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To my Sweet Baby Girl,

Ok, so your not much of a baby anymore, but a busy, delightful toddler. It is hard to believe that 2 years have passed since we first laid eyes on your adorable face. Over these past two years, we have shared many hugs, kisses, tears, baths, messy meals, sleepless nights and tender moments. And I wouldn't trade any of it for all the money in the world. You have brought such love, wonder and joy into our lives. Your daddy and I love watching you discover the world and experience life. You have taught us to see things through the eyes of a child, again.

Watching your curious, dark green eyes as you learn something new and seeing your short brown hair blow in the breeze as you chase Sadie around in the yard just squeezes my heart because I love you so much.

Right now you LOVE to watch anything Dora on TV and you can always be found sitting somewhere "reading" one of your books (usually a Dora book). All this time I was so worried about your language development because you couldn't hear for so long, but your words began pouring out like a fountain. Just about 2 weeks ago you began speaking in phrases and sentences. Oh, how impressed we have been.

Also, you can count from 1-10 in English AND Spanish (thanks Dora!). You can spell your first name and name 8 different colors (red, blue, yellow, green, brown, black, pink, white). Many shapes you can identify as well. You are fascinated with various animals and can identify more than many adults.

Quite the little money, you are! We had to move you from your crib about a month ago because your climbing skills were incredible and you could get out of your crib in 5 seconds flat. Recently you have learned to do a forward flip all by yourself. However, you forget to check out your surroundings before you perform your gymnastics routine and frequently end up with a "boo-boo" because you crashed into furniture.

I love when you grab my finger because you want to take me somewhere to show me something or because you need help. You also want to hold it while going down the slide. Each time Daddy or I sit down at the computer you asked to "sit lap?" so you can "help" us. You have learned to as for "holp" (help) when you can't do something..but you are rather independent and want to do it by yourself mostly. It just melts my heart when you say "I got you" when you want us to pick you up and love on you.

During mealtimes you love cheese, crackers, and most any fruit. You are not real big on meats, except chicken, but will eat many veggies. You love spaghetti, too!

Helping Mommy around the house thrills you. When I clean, you always say that you "sweep-mop" and retrieve your mop and broom. You follow directions very well when asked to pick up your toys, put your diaper in the trash can or put your dirty clothes in the hamper.

You enjoy painting and drawing with your sidewalk chalk, and you REALLY love being outside. Daddy lets you "help" him in the yard and water the plants. We also take you to the park and children's museum quite frequently. You can be such a Daddy's girl at times and you love for him to tickle you and play with you. You like to visit Daddy at the fire station. And every fire truck is "daddy's truck". He is already teaching you about deer, turkeys and hunting. I'm quite certian a little country girl you will be.

Visits to Grammy and Grandaddy's house is one thing that ALWAYS excites you. As soon as we turn into their road you begin yelling "Cows". You love for Grammy to take you riding on the "Grammy Wagon" to see the cows. You could ride for hours at a time and still not want to get off. Grandaddy lets you help him make coffee (which you could probably do on your own now that you have helped him so much) and Uncle Keith takes you to get the chicken eggs. You think there is nothing like visiting the farm. And I am sure it helps that you get extra spoiling from Nana and Pawpaw. And oh how you love to visit the McGriff family to pet Wendy the cat.
I had to write all of this down so I wouldn't forget over time. I wanted to be able to share with you all the special moments during your life. Audrey Kay, you are such a special little girl who is growing up so quickly before our eyes. You are such a blessing and we thank God everyday for you. I hope you will always know and feel how much we love you and how wonderful you are. We are looking forward to many more precious years with you.


Mommy and Daddy


Diana Kat said...

I know years from now Audrey will cherish this letter you've written to her. I can't believe how quickly time has passed!

Happy 2nd birthday sweet girl! You are a wonderful, beautiful little girl and D loves you very much!

Nancy said...

what a precious note she'll enjoy reading herself one day :) isn't internet a delightful way to journal?!