Sunday, November 8, 2009

24 Weeks

Baby Addison and I have made it to 24 weeks. She is moving around a bit more now and those kicks are getting stronger. She really loves to act up when I lay down in bed.

I went to the doctor for my check-up. My BP looked good. However, I failed my 1 hour glucose screening, which is not surprising since I had gestational diabetes with Audrey. Now I have to go back and endure the 3-hour test. I'm still holding out hope that I might can pass that one. On top of that, after checking my blood, they found that I am anemic. Which explains why I have been so.stinking.tired lately. I just chalked it up to being pregnant, working and chasing a 2-year old around...but apparently it was something more. So now I begin on iron supplements and hope it takes care of the problem and that I don't have issues with the iron pill.

Audrey is beginning to get used to the idea of getting a baby sister. She talks about it often. I'm not sure how much she really understands, but I'm glad she seems excited. I have been going through her old clothes and washing them to prepare for Addison. Audrey has "helped" me with this task and tells me repeatedly that these are Addison's clothes. She looked at me the other night and said "Mommy, these are so cute! Addison, is going to love them!" That just made my heart swell.

You know I couldn't leave out my princess. She hasn't been feeling very well this week, but did pose for a picture with me. I had to get a little snuggling in.

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Kasey said...

You look fantastic!! This is such a wonderful time for you all. I think so much of our (well mine) pregnancy I was so hung up on my weight and thinking about how badly my body ached that I didnt savor every moment. My favorite time during mine was before my feet hit the ground every morning. My body wasn't aching and that little boy was all over the place. I'm praying for you as God prepares your heart for this new baby.
P.S. watch out with those iron supplements, they can cause some serious constipation..sorry, for being so tacky..I think Angie was actually the one who told me to watch it with those. And boy oh boy was she right. I think I had to end up taking something like Iron with Colace for everything to work properly.

Love you, Kasey