Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stuck on You!

What happens when you give a 2 year-old some mail to open without paying attention to the enclosed items???? This:

Nana sent Audrey a card with a TON of stickers enclosed. Well, I saw it was addressed to Audrey (she loves getting mail) so I just handed it to her to rip open. She took it to the couch and sat there patiently ripping into it. All the while, I busied myself in the kitchen doing the dishes. After a few moments of silence, I walked around the couch to find toddler decorated with stickers...EVERYWHERE!!!!! So I had to laugh, take a picture, then call and tell Grammy and Nana about it.

And when Corey got home, he fell victim to her decorating desires as well. What a great daddy!


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Kasey said...

What a funny story! And look at Corey, such a sport! Too cute!