Monday, November 30, 2009

Audrey visits Santa

She was ready. She was pumped and excited. That is until Santa made his grand entrance with a loud “HO-HO-HO”…then Audrey turned to me and said “I not sit on Santa’s lap.

Oh dear! I looked at Corey and told him that waiting in line may have been a waste of time. So we talked to Audrey about how Santa wouldn’t know what to bring her unless she went up and told him. I had already decided that I wouldn’t “make” her sit in Santa’s lap if she was terrified, but I was going to do my best to talk her into it.

After a little bribery (cookies and a Santa Express train ride) and watching a few big girls sit in Santa’s lap ahead of us, Audrey got brave and marched on up there.

With a cautious look, she did sit in his lap and actually talked to him. I was very surprised! Thank goodness we listened to what she said to Santa because she informed him that she wanted a horse (gee—she didn’t tell Mommy and Daddy that one!).

We got a cute picture to cherish forever and Audrey got to ride the train and indulge in a few chocolate chip cookies from The Cookie Company.

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Nancy said...

these are times that heart memories are made :)