Friday, May 21, 2010

Spending Time with Family

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol (McGriff) are home for a brief visit from the mission field in Guatemala. I am thrilled to have them home with us even if it is a short time. We miss them when they are gone and are always happy to have them back, but this time was even sweeter because they got to meet Addison for the first time. And, of course they got to love on Audrey too.

The past 2 weekends the girls and I have gone back to my parents so we could spend some time with all of my family. We were able to have quality time by having lunch together and making memories. I had to post these pictures because they make my heart smile. You can tell how much they love my girls. I am so blessed to have a family that loves my daughters so much.

Top: Audrey and Aunt Carol are looking for bugs.
Middle: The family just enjoying the farm and time to talk.
Bottom: Uncle Jim, Nana (Rhoda Dozier) and Pawpaw (William Dozier)

Top: Keeley and Audrey make crafts.
Middle: Audrey and Addison getting laughter and love from Grammy, Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim
Bottom: Uncle Keith spoiling Addison.

Top: Aunt Carol entertaining Addison; Grammy loving on Addison
Middle: Addison being entertained by Uncle Jim
Bottom: Aunt Carol and Audrey blowing bubbles; Audrey and Keeley spending time together.

Audrey and Brantley have some fun!


Regina and David said...

I soo enjoyed seeing the photos of the McGriff's!! glad they are enjoying their visit. we miss them here and look forward to their return! :-)

Aunt Shirley said...

Making beautiful memories!!! Love all the pictures. You have a loving, caring and praying family!! What more could we ask for? Love you...