Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Addison- 3 months

Addison turned 3 months old on May 15. We "celebrated" her 3 month "birthday" by taking her to the zoo for the first time. :)

What is going on with Addison right now??

Addison :
- is still wearing a size 1 diaper, but as soon as we finish up this box she will be moving up to a size 2 to accommodate those chubby thighs.
- wears 3-6 month clothes
- smiles all the time
- is beginning to coo
- still hates tummy time
- is very aware when mommy leaves the room and when she is alone. Also she vocalizes her displeasure about that.
- tries so very hard to roll over. I am expecting it any day now.
- loves watching her big sister run around and play
- cries and fights sleep at night
- still sleeps pretty well at night (when she finally goes to sleep). Usually sleeps about 7 hours before waking to eat (Praise the Lord!)
- grabs EVERYTHING within reach- my hair, my shirt, fingers, toys...
- gets hiccups everyday
- loves playing with her hands
- always sucks on her fist or fingers
- adores her big sister. She always has an eye on her when she is playing.

This little girl has brought such joy to our lives. I love rocking her to sleep each night, breathing in that sweet scent of baby. Seeing that adorable smile just melts my heart! I certainly hope I can recall these days with clarity many years from now.

And since I couldn't decide on one or two favorites...here are several of her 3 month old photos- (and I'm just glad I got them posted before she turned 4 months. haha)

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Nancy said...

Sweet photos, precious subject! much love to you and yours :)