Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fantastic Fishing with the Family

As you have seen, Audrey can be the cutest little princess...but she isn't afraid of being a little "country" and getting dirty! This girl LOVES to fish. She even wants to watch it on TV when her daddy is home. (BORING! haha)

While we were visiting my family. They wanted to take Audrey fishing in one of our ponds at the farm. She was very entertained playing with the crickets.

But she also wet her hook and caught a few fish...with the help of Granddaddy.

And Uncle Keith had to get in on the action too. Please take notice of the little, BARBIE fishing pole that he is using. I bet the guys that he fishes all those tournaments with will be so proud of him. (I will save his pride and say that he posed for this photo just to make me happy...he was really helping Audrey---but I'm not gonna tell his buddies that! hahahah!)

See...proof he really was helping her ;)

And I even got in a little fishing time too. Yes, I used her Barbie pole. (It is actually a pretty lucky little pole) See...we caught a good mess of fish for us 2 girls. (By the way...Uncle Keith only caught 2- we had 10!)

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Nancy said...

Neat! and just who dressed and fried all those little fishies?!