Monday, January 10, 2011

Addison- 10 months

My sweet girl,

You are sunshine for us on these dreary days. You always have such a precious smile and the cutest giggle. I wish I could just bottle you up at this age and keep you just like this forever. But, I will just have to rely on this blog, photos and the memories I try to etch in my heart.

We love you, little bit!
* weigh 18 lbs
* are 28 inches long
* wear size 3 diapers
* still wear size 9 month clothes mostly, but a few 12 month
* have learned the sign language for "more", "please", "thank you"; you aren't quite sure when to use it without prompting, but you will do it when we say the words
* point at everything wanting us to tell you what the name of it is
* babble all the time
* crawl everywhere and get into everything
* love chasing Audrey around the house
* smile and laugh anytime Audrey comes around you
* love eating books
* have 6 teeth and more on the way
* still take your socks and shoes off within seconds of Mommy putting them on you
* are still scared of all animals

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