Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally...a Beautiful Day!

We've finally had a reprieve from all the cold, windy, rainy, winter weather...thank goodness! So we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and take the girls to the park.

All of us enjoyed the sunshine, fun and laughter.

Addison thought she was a big girl sliding down the slide.

Sisters had fun swinging together!

Audrey got brave and with the help of Daddy, slid down the fireman's pole.

Sweet Addison, soaking up the sun while swinging and sucking on her paci.

Higher, Daddy!!!

This was the funniest part. We would sit Addison on the bottom of the slide and she would try her best to crawl up. She never could get anywhere, just crawling in place. Never giving up, though. We called it the baby treadmill. Corey and I got good laughs out of it.

Such a fun, beautiful, happy day!

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