Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Addison's 1st Birthday Party

After such a stressful, emotional week, I was worried about how Addison's 1st birthday party would turn out. Our family and friends would be gathering together to celebrate such a special day for Addison. But I knew that there would be an emptiness, an incomplete feeling without Pawpaw there.

And it was difficult, but it was such a fun and healing time for our family. To be able to come together and laugh and celebrate this special baby girl.

I was so excited when I found her decorations. The just "looked" like Addison.

I had little photo holders with pictures of Addison during her first year in them. Also, I included my favorite photo of Addison and Pawpaw on our table. I needed his presence and that reminder. We had fruit, chips, dip, and pinwheels. Mom helped me decorate the cupcakes and I love how they looked all on the stand. It reminded me of a bouquet of flowers.

I made and decorated the cake. (I made Audrey's 1st cake so I just HAD to make Addison's, too). I was so thrilled with the way it turned out. I think I surprised my friends...they didn't know I had it in me. They just know I'm not fond of cooking. :)

Many of our friends and family came. It was wonderful to have everyone together.

Sweet Addison was the only one who didn't enjoy her day so much. Bless her heart, she started running a fever the day before and continued to have a 101.7 fever the entire day.

She was very polite eating her least at first. Then she took to shoving in handfuls. It was adorable, even if she looked so pitiful.

Addison did love all the hugs, snuggles and attention she received.

After a quick bite of cake, we let her open he gifts. She had several big helpers assist her, so it went quickly. Which was a good thing, because as soon as all the gifts were opened, I laid her down to sleep.

While she napped, the rest of us enjoyed visiting with one another and the big kids had a blast playing outside.

As you can see in many of these photos, my little girl who always smiles was hardly ever smiling.

But it was still a wonderful day!


Nancy said...

A grand time had by all :) much love you, sweet Heather!

~Mistee~ said...

Bless her heart!! Hate she felt bad @ her very own party!! You have some MAD cake decorating skills by the way, my dear!! :)

melaney said...

WOW, the cake was beautiful you diffently have talent cuz cake decorating is hard. Please give the girls a kiss for me and Happy Birthday to Addison and hold on to every minunite they grow up before you know it. Love you guys take care and God Bless!