Sunday, March 27, 2011

Park Playtime

We are loving this wonderful spring weather!

What better way to enjoy it than spending a day with the family at the playground.

Addison has come to love the slide. She wants to slide over and over again.

Audrey is becoming fearless on the playground. She is like a monkey and getting really good at the monkey bars and such. (This makes me so nervous when she does this...I broke my arm doing this very same activity when I was 5 years old. I always get a knot in my stomach when I see her doing this.)

Recently, she has mastered walking on these swinging steps.

We had such a fun time together!

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~Mistee~ said...

I LOVE SPRING TIME!!! WE had a snippet of Sping temps where we live and now is COLD again!! :( Glad you all enjoyed some outdoor time.. What little daredevils you have! :)