Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Cooks

These two little girls LOVE to "cook" at their play kitchen. Well, Audrey "cooks" and Addison loves chewing on all of the play food and banging all the dishes. They spend a lot of time together at their kitchen. I just love watching them play together.

(Excuse the pjs in the middle of the was one of our lazy days where we just played all day :) )

We call this particular spoon the "spitty spoon". It is a flexible toddler spoon that she loves to chew on. Usually it is covered in slobber...hence the name "spitty spoon". You have to be cautious because she loves to share the spoon with you, which means you get lots of spitty along with it.

Isn't this the most adorable apron?! Audrey decided that Addison needed to wear it if she was going to help her cook.


Nancy said...

Cute babies :) and yes, we all need jammy days! I think mine's today.

~Mistee~ said...

LOVE THE PICS!! I really like the pink giraffe spotted pj's!! They look like they are having a ball cooking up a storm! :-)