Friday, May 13, 2011

Audrey' 4th Birthday

Audrey's 4th birthday fell on Easter weekend this year, so she had many things to keep her busy.

We began her morning with our family tradition serving "birthday muffins". The birthday girl gets a candle in her muffin and is serenaded by the family with the "Happy Birthday" song.

After enjoying her birthday breakfast we headed out to an Easter Egg Hung (that is a later post).
Around lunchtime we arrived back home and celebrated some more with a picnic of hamburgers and hotdogs. Most of the family was there- Mommy, Daddy, Addison, Grammy, Granddaddy, Nana, Uncle Keith, Aunt Carol, Keeley and Brantley.

And what celebration is complete without a cake??!

Audrey even got to open a few gifts. She got this one from Grammy. It is a doctor's kit.

Her "real" birthday party was set for the following weekend and was postponed because of the devastating tornadoes that struck our town. (and we are still waiting to have that party---more on that later)

A few days later, Audrey celebrated her birthday with a little "party" at preschool. I took cupcakes, chips and drinks for all the kids. She enjoyed her special day!

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