Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Bit about My Little Bit

Here are a few snapshots of what our Little Bit (aka Addison) has been up to lately.

This girl loves to play in the sandbox. She hasn't quite learned NOT to throw the sand up in the air, despite the fact that it has often landed in her eyes and hair. (sigh) Maybe one day she will get the point!

And her latest interest is hanging a purse or bag around her neck to carry her loot. So funny!

Just playing a little "dress-up". Won't Daddy be proud...well, okay, maybe not. He has big expectations for their future occupations--like doctor or lawyer ;)

Don't you just love those pretty pink shoes (that totally do not match the outfit)! Addison is NOT a fan of socks or shoes. On a good day she will leave them on 2.15 seconds after you put them on her little feet...unless they are tied SUPER tight, then she just fusses and grunts trying to pull them off. But for some reason she loves these shoes. She will go get them out of her closet and bring them to me to put on her feet or she will sometimes try to put them on herself. Her love for these shoes can't be because they are comfortable, so it must be that they are pretty and shiny.

I couldn't help but take this photo. She was just so stinkin' cute laying in the floor watching tv the other morning.

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Nancy said...

Nan thinks this child looks just like her mommy :) and yes, love those baby booties when they're in the air :) always loved when Jenny was young, sleeping in her crib with her butt in the air. I miss those baby days.