Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we attend an Easter Family Fun Day presented by my mom's church. It is always so much fun and this year was no exception. We had a blast!

The girls both got to hunt for eggs. It was difficult to get good photos of both of them because they had the field divided up by age groups and Audrey and Addison were in different groups. Plus they hunted at the same time so I was running back and forth trying to snap a few shots of each of them.

It took Addison a couple of minutes to realize what she was supposed to do. Once she caught on, she loved running and grabbing the eggs. Sometimes it took a little coaxing to get her to actually pick it up. She just wanted to point to it to show us.

Audrey had no problem finding the eggs. She was off in a flash and had a basket full in no time.

Audrey and her Grammy searching for more eggs.

Daddy and Addison enjoying a little shade and snack.

Audrey spent most of her time in the inflatables.

Daddy and the girls checking out their loot.

Sweet Audrey-girl

Yes, I was there too. I had Corey take this picture so the girls will know that I did attend their events...I'm usually the one taking all the photos and never have proof that I was there :)

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