Thursday, November 17, 2011

Audrey- 4 1/2 years old

Time is passing so quickly and I don't want to forget these special things:

Audrey, you:

  • weigh 33 lbs

  • are 41 inches tall

  • don't like cheese (except Mexican cheese dip...which you LOVE)

  • say your favorite restaurant is one that serves mexican food

  • are growing out of your obesession with Dora and growing very fond of the Disney Princesses

  • wear a size 8 shoe

  • LOVE taking dance and love dancing all over the house

  • have learned to whistle and do it often

  • make up songs all the time

  • don't like taking naps

  • love dressing up with jewelry

  • are a big helper with Addison

  • are a lover of hot chocolate

  • enjoy helping me shop for groceries

  • love going to school

  • say pink is your favorite color

  • are still my tender hearted child

  • love playing outside

  • would swing on your swingset ALL DAY LONG, if we'd let you

  • have found your sweet tooth and love candy/cookies/etc.

  • can write your first name without help

  • can write all the letters of the alphabet by yourself

  • like to watch Bubble Guppies and Olivia

  • love to wear dresses all the time

  • pick out socks that hardly ever match your outfits, but I let you wear them anyway :)

I love you, sweet girl! You will always have my heart. I am proud to be your mommy.

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