Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heather's 33rd Birthday

Yesterday, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. I love celebrating birthdays, anyone's birthday, not just my own. The "getting older" aspect of it isn't all that appealing. My squeaky, aching joints remind me of that daily. But I love celebrating life...especially with the ones I love.

I woke up that morning and enjoyed at nice cup of coffee while snuggling with my 2 favorite little girls. Then Audrey reminded me that I needed birthday muffins (a family tradition) and asked me to help her make them. I offered minimal assistance and she did a wonderful job.

Typically, the birthday girl is the only one who gets a candle on the muffin, but Audrey and Addison decided that they needed one too. So all 3 of us enjoyed blowing out our candles and making birthday wishes together.

Corey had a super busy day scheduled, but he stopped by the house briefly after getting off from the fire station to bring me these beautiful roses and a birthday card. Also, my brand new Kindle Fire will be here soon!!!! Yipee!!!! (insert high-pitched squeal here). That is my other birthday gift.

Audrey and Addison created this beautiful Play-doh birthday cake, complete with "lit" candles. We decided not to eat it, we would just take a photo :)

Finally, after Audrey's dance class, Corey and the girls took me out to eat for supper.

It was a lovely birthday. Getting to spend it with my 3 favorite people made it the best!

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