Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Halloween I had an adorable Ariel (Audrey)....

...And a BUSY little bumble bee (Addison).

I do think they were the most adorable Ariel and bumblebee in this neck of the woods.

We don't usually take them door-to-door knocking on strange people's houses for candy. There is just all kind of crazies out there and I'm not all that fond of finding them. So we usually limit their trick-or-treating to a few family members.

This year we started our trick-or-treating adventure at Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim McGriff's house.

I was a HAPPY mommy because they had fruit for the girls instead of candy! :)

Then we visited Aunt Carolyn. Every year we have gone to her house. She always has something special and wonderful for the girls. Not just regular ol Halloween candy.

The girls love visiting with and loving on her.

Next, we made a stop by the nursing home so Nana could see the girls all dressed up. Audrey and Addison had balloons to give to Nana to brighten her room.

Here is Nana with her two special trick-or-treaters.

Last, we went to the church for their Fall Festival/Trunk-or-Treat. They both enjoyed playing the games and getting LOTS of candy.

I'm fairly certain that the pony ride was the favorite.

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