Sunday, January 29, 2012


If you mention going out to eat, the first recommendation out of Audrey's mouth will be "Let's go to Logan's". Never fails!!

Why would she always want to go to Logan's, you ask? Steaks? Chicken? Salads? Rolls? Desserts? No, No, No and No again. It is for the peanuts. That's right. PEANUTS. I'm not sure why she is so excited over these peanuts. Maybe it is the fact she can throw them on the ground. Maybe it is that she can peel them herself. I'm not sure. We have a bag of peanuts just like them in our pantry, but she never touches them. Only at Logan's!

So, I had to take this photo of her enjoying her peanut stash the other night at Logan's. I just want to remember how eager she was over a little peanut. ( Oh, and she loves the little picks that come in our steaks, too- I can remember enjoying those as a kid. )

Many times in life the best things are the little things!

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