Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seen and Heard

Addison: "NOOOOOOO"!!!!!! (in a screaming voice)

Me: "Addison, you need to speak nicely"

Addison: "NOOOOOO, MMAA'AAMM"!!! (screaming again)

(sigh) At least she had good manners, even if she was still screaming. Guess I should've clarified!


Audrey singing Christmas Carols:

"No telling on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere..."


Conversation with Audrey about Santa:

Audrey: "Mommy, How does Santa get in your house?"

Me: "Down the chimney"

Audrey: "Well, how does he get in without getting burned?"

Me: "Magic"

Audrey: "Well, how does he get in if you don't have a chimney?"

Me: "He can come in through the door. We can leave it unlocked for him".

Audrey: "Where does he put his sleigh?"

Me: "Well, he usually lands on the rooftop."

Audrey: "Do you think he will land in the yard if he has to come in the front door and not down the chimney?"

Me: "He might, I'm not sure".

Audrey: "Well, if he lands in our yard, I hope he doesn't step in the dog poop in our front yard, 'cause I stepped in some today".

Me: (laughing 'til I cried) "I'm sure he will be careful. Maybe he will just land on the driveway and walk on the sidewalk, then he won't have to worry about the poop".

Don't you just love how those little minds work?!

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