Thursday, November 8, 2012

Audrey- Age 5 1/2

This little lady is growing up in a flash!  Somehow, it seems that overnight my "preschooler" lost that baby look and is now a beautiful young girl. 

Not only in looks, but also in personality and quirks this precious child reminds me so much of myself.  Sometimes that makes me smile and other times that makes me worry.  (yes, a trait she got from me, too!)

Since I will always want to be able to reflect back on these times, I wanted to update and the 1/2 year mark, also. 
About Audrey:
* Weighs 36 pounds
* Is 42.5 inches tall
*Wears size 5/6 girl clothes
* Wears size 9 toddler shoe
* Still loves Lambie and Doggie- they go everywhere with her
*Loves to swing
*Loves dancing around and is really enjoying her ballet and tap class
* Has learned to like coloring and art
* Can read some sight words and 3-4 letter words
* Knows all letter sounds
*Can count to 100 with very little assistance
*Does simple addition and subtraction
*Can have quite the sassy mouth
*Loves to eat spaghetti, fruit, candy, chips
*Hates eating cheese (except mexican cheese dip), and any pasta other than spaghetti
*Is a tenderhearted child and easily gets her feelings hurt
* Worries about everyone and everything
* Loves listening to me read to her...especially Junie B. Jones books
* Watches Bubble Guppies and Doc McStuffins
*Is a great helper
*Is a daddy's girl
*Enjoys going to Grammy and Grandaddy's house
*Always asks to go eat at Logan's or Fantail
*Has fun visiting Bass Pro Shop

This sweet girl is teaching us many things about being parents.  I adore her and love every minute that we get to spend together.

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