Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween 2012

Audrey and Addison enjoyed making these rice krispie pumpkins.  Well, I had to help the out A LOT!  Those little pumpkins were much more messy and difficult than they looked!  But the girls had fun and they turned out pretty yummy.

Then they enjoyed decorating their pumpkins they picked from the pumpkin patch. I found these cute stickers at Target and thought they would have a blast decorating the pumpkins on their own.

We also carved one.  The girls loved the cool color-changing light we put inside.

On the day of Halloween, the girls had dance class so they got to dress up in their costumes and dance. This is Audrey's class. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Addison's class.

This is Nice Witch Audrey and Little Ladybug Addison with their dance teacher, Miss Molly Brooke.

Nice Witch Audrey and Little Ladybug Addison were preparing for their first Trick-or-Treat stop at Mrs. Becky's house (Audrey's preschool teacher).

After that stop, we went to the Fall Festival hosted by the church where Audrey and Addison attend preschool.

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