Friday, August 16, 2013

Audrey's Kindergarten Open House

Last night we went to Audrey's Kindergarten Open House.  She was a little nervous, but excited to see her school, teacher, and classroom.

Mommy was emotional at this bittersweet milestone in Audrey's life.  I blinked and now she is a Kindergartener.
Her teacher is Ms. Rhodarmer.  It is her first year teaching.  She seems like a very sweet person and is energetic and enthused about teaching. (and look how cute she is!) Audrey really liked her. I think they will have a wonderful year.
Audrey got to sit in her desk and check out her cubby and other things in her classroom.
Audrey is excited and ready for Monday!  Mommy...not so much.  I'm praying I can keep it together at least until I get back to the car. :)


Leigh said...

She's so cute! Hope she has a great year!

Nancy Hood said...

Praying for you :)