Saturday, August 17, 2013

Playtime with our Friends

We are still having fun this summer with our friends!
Dress-up at CHOM with Anna.
Addison singing karaoke.  This girl loves to sing!
More fun at CHOM with Emily.
Checking out the critters with Channing and Lydia.
Addison and Nicholas watering the flowers.
Lydia, Channing and Audrey on the beaver slide.
Addison and Channing waiting on their food at Chick-fil-a.
Lydia and Audrey, best buds!
Enjoying some ice cream.
A few days later, we had to hit up CFA again for ice cream and play time on the playground.  These girls deserved that treat after sitting for hours in a meeting with mommy.  (and I'm beginning to realize how many times we had ice creams and popsicles this summer---oh well, making memories :)  )
We also met up with Zoe and Mrs. D for time at CHOM.  These girls had a blast.
They spent time driving the boat and fishing.
Then they constructed this awesome tower.
Doctor Audrey and Doctor Zoe check on Addison's "injured leg".
After working up an appetite, we had some lunch followed by dessert at Steel City Pops (I mean, we've got to have a popsicle again, right?!).

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