Wednesday, August 7, 2013

McWane Science Center Trip

Before school started back we wanted to take the girls on one last fun trip, so we decided to spend the day at the McWane Science Center.
They tried out laying on the bed of nails.  Addison wasn't so sure about that.

Then they played a little air "basketball".

Audrey and Addison played tug-of war with some other children.
And tried to pull themselves up the ropes.

They played some beautiful music on the harp.
And made bubbles.
They even stood inside a bubble.  That was pretty neat!
This was a favorite area with these two.  They spent lots of time at the water table.  I must admit, I played in it too and it was fun!

Ahh! Addison was swallowed by a fish!
Our little archaeologists loved digging their own dinosaur bones.
They also spent some time trying to construct their own dinosaurs.

It was a wonderful day. I am grateful that we got to spend that time together as a family.  We are already looking forward to another trip there.

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