Thursday, August 1, 2013

Date Night with Our Girls

I've been trying to find time to spend alone with each girl individually.  I think it is important for that one-on-one time and I've been so emotional about Audrey starting Kindergarten so I needed this time with her.
Audrey needed shoes and a few things for school, so I decided this was a perfect time for a "date night" with our girls.
Audrey and I went shopping for her shoes and clothes. Then we grabbed cookies from the Cookie Company before enjoying dinner at the Mexican restaurant.
During our date, we enjoyed laughing and talking about what to expect in Kindergarten.  I loved my special time with this sweet girl.
While we were out enjoying ourselves, Corey and Addison had their own "date night".  At Addison's request, they went to Lowe's where she bought a Toy Story book and characters. Then they went to Woods and Water to look around.  They ended their night eating dinner at Chick-fil-a and had some playtime and ice cream.

What a fun time we all had!  I can't wait for our next "date night" when I can take Addison out and Audrey go with Corey.

I love my girls!

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