Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Addison's 1st Night in Her Big Crib

Addison has been sleeping in our room since she was born. It made those "middle of the night" nursing sessions and lost paci retrieval so easy!

But when I began to see this during the night and naptime...

...I figured that Addison had gotten a little too big for her bassinet (tear*, sniff, sniff) and it was time to move her into her own room in her big crib.

Sunday night, August 8, we made the big move.

So now she looks like this!

What a sweet sight!

That first night, neither of us (Addison or myself) got much sleep :( Now those nursing sessions and paci retrievals are a little more difficult for me because I have to get my tired self out of bed and walk (um=- stumble) to the other side of the house to feed or comfort her. I miss having her right beside my bed so I can lay my hand on her 100 times a night to make sure she is breathing (all mommies out there know what I mean). But she does look much more comfortable! And I am certain, that each night will get a little easier on us both.

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Kasey said...

Precious! You are doing so good!! She is too!