Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dora!

This week has been a big celebration for Dora. Apparently it is the 10th birthday of the Dora show and Nickelodeon has been having all this fun stuff on television about it along with a new Dora Birthday Celebration movie. And since Dora is HUGE at our house, we had to get in on the celebrating.

So the other day when Audrey saw the demonstration for these cute Dora cupcakes on Nick channel, she asked me if we could do it. I thought it was a great idea and a fun way to spend time with her. They looked cute and fairly easy. That night I printed out the instructions and templates from their website. The next day we went to the grocery store to purchase the necessary ingredients. So far, so good!

Then came time to make them. Audrey had a hard time understanding why we couldn't just open the box and pull out ready made Dora cupcakes. So it took some explaining on my part so she would understand that the activity is for us to make them.

I set up her little station so she could help stir and mix and decorate. I read the directions to her and saw that it indicated this project would take 70 minutes...a little long...but not a biggie.

Well, two and a half (that's right 2 1/2) hours later I finally finished up the batch of those stinkin' Dora cupcakes. Needless to say, my little assistant had lost interest LONG ago and Addison wasn't happy that she was left out of all the fun.

Audrey did decorate the faces. She had fun doing it. Plus, she REALLY enjoyed licking the icing off the spoons. But next time, I think we will stick to something a little easier.

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Regina and David said...

they turned out really cute!