Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Trip to the Library

I took Audrey (and Addison, of course) on their first trip to the library. Audrey is now old enough to have her own library card and pick out her own books. She was thrilled! Claiming that she is a 'big girl now', Audrey insisted that she pick her own books. Only once did she seek my help when she couldn't locate the Clifford books.

One book that she selected was The Jellybeans and the Big Dance by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans. Of the hundreds and hundreds of books that I have read, I'd never seen this one. It is precious! And I can safely say that it is Audrey's new favorite book right now, since we read it 3-4 times per day (at least). She can almost quote the book verbatim. Unbelievable!

I just hope that she isn't too upset when we have to return these books to the library. Hopefully the disappointment of returning them will be overshadowed by the joy of getting to select new books.

I'm so glad that my girl loves to read!


Diana Kat said...

Love that kid.

Keep loving those books Audrey!

Kasey said...

Look at y'alls fancy smancy library!! I'm suuuper jealous of that! I'm glad AK's a reader. I pray Thomas will be.