Sunday, August 15, 2010

Six-Month-Old, Sitting, Sweetheart

This little sitting sweetie turned 6 months old today. I can't believe it has been that long already! Addison's new trick is sitting up by herself. She just started really doing that this week. She can only sit unassisted for a minute or two at a time before she falls over...usually due to the fact that she is trying to grab something (typically whatever big sister has). Or she crashes backwards because she gets a little too excited.

Can you tell how excited she is over this new skill?

I have trained her well. As soon as she sees my camera, she starts smiling! A girl after my own heart (oh wait- she already has it :) ).

Don't you just love all those rolls on those thighs!

1 comment:

~Mistee~ said...

awwwwww..she is gorgeous!! We are trying to learn to sit up too!! Not sure we will be doing it by 6 months though!!!