Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Audrey's 1st Day of Kindergarten

August 19, 2013...the beginning of a new phase in our lives.  Audrey's 1st day of Kindergarten.

For months, no years, I've been preparing her for this day. Reading books, learning colors, shapes, letters, numbers, rules, social skills. Audrey was excited and ready for this day.  However, I hadn't prepared my heart enough.  I'm not sure you could ever prepare enough as a mommy to send your baby off into the "real world".  Sure, she had been going to preschool, but this was much different.  This meant my baby was growing up.
I wanted for her day to be very special.  Certainly, Audrey was nervous, but her excitement overshadowed that emotion.
So we began the day with cinnamon rolls with a candle for the birthday girl and sang a special "first day of school" song.
Her lunch was packed with extra special love and a note.  
A goody basket was ready for Ms. R. 
Audrey was all smiles ready for this day to begin.

Addison wasn't all that happy about her sissy being gone all day.  Now she wouldn't have her playmate all the time.
Fortunately, Corey was off work and able to go to school with us. That was good because I knew I was going to need moral support. :)
Mommy and my big girl ready for school.

Ready to go! 

We arrived at school at the same time as our friend Lydia.  She will be in the classroom across the hall from Audrey.  Hopefully since both of them will be there together it will help them be brave.  These two girls are such good buddies.
Into the school we go! Audrey found her cubby and put her lunchbox and backpack up.
Then she found her seat and began playing with the playdough that was put out for them to use.  She gave Corey, Addison and I hugs, kisses and a wave. She had tears in her eyes but was still smiling.  So no sobbing for Audrey. 
That can't be said for Mommy!  I had to rush back to the car so I could make it there before the tears started to fall.  Then I sobbed like a baby.  Goodness, I was not prepared for how difficult that would be.  I knew that things would change drastically for us since I was used to having my babies with me most of the time, but that got to me more that I expected.
Corey went on to work while Addison and I went back home to wait anxiously for 2:45pm to arrive so I could get Audrey.  Addison whined for Audrey most of the day because she missed her.  I dove into house chores and work to pass the time.  (I was quite productive!- Haha!)
Finally, it was time to pick up Audrey.  She climbed into the car full of smiles and details about her "awesome" day.  I was so glad the she enjoyed it.  But I was very glad to have her back in my arms.  Then I had to prepare to take her back the next morning.
We are looking forward to a wonderful year.  I know Audrey is going to learn so much.

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Nancy Hood said...

Oh my, I know how Kay felt because I prayed and prayed the first day of Noah's First Grade class!! Today marks the second week at Daniel Pratt and my heart still wanders to him and wondering how he is, if he's nervous, is he missing his mommy, tadada. We will get to see them for a bit weekend after this, so I'm anxious to hear for myself (and see) how he's doing with school. It'll be three weeks by then, but who's counting ;)
You and I relate so easily to how the heart feels so I'm right there with you. Sent you prayers, too, as I saw on FB basically the same note that Jenny left :)
I pray today will be a another happy one for Audrey Kay. I love you.