Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

This past Friday, December 5, was mine and Corey's 10th wedding anniversary. Whew! 10 long amazing years. I'd marry that sweet man all over again!

We left Audrey with the babysitter and headed out on a date! It was so nice to just have some quality time with each other. We ate at the Cypress Inn on the river then watched a movie- "Four Christmases". If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! My jaws and sides hurt from laughing so much. It was a nice, desperately needed night out.
Thank you, sweet hubby, for 10 wonderful years! I look forward to many more with you.

Every year the first of December, my mother heads up a Christmas party at a local nursing home. The members of her church purchase a gift for each of the residents there. They are also entertained by singing Christmas carols, usually by a group of children. This year was no different.
My cousin Vicky, who directs the little children's choir at their church, brought her group to perform. She so kindly invited Audrey to perform with them. I didn't think that Audrey would go for it since it was in front of a large crowd, but boy was I wrong. I could've kicked myself for not having my video camera. She put on a show with her dancing. She even tried to imitate the movements to the songs. When she'd get tired she would go sit in Vicky's lap then jump right back up for more action. (Thanks Vicky for helping make those memories!)
Audrey had to make sure they were doing the correct thing. (actually I think she was just pestering)

Of course at the party there had to be food! My delightful Uncle Jim made sure that Audrey got her share of chocolate cookies! Thank you! :)

Vicky's beautiful daughter "M" helped Audrey deliver gifts to the residents.

Saturday night we took Audrey to the Bass Pro Shop. They had a "Christmas" section that was supposed to have lots of activities for kids. They had several things but most of it was too advanced for Audrey. However, she found lots of things to entertain her. Needlesss to say she had lots of fun.

I think she is putting one of these on her wish list to Santa.


Diana Kat said...

That baby is always too cute! What wonderful examples she is growing up with!

Nancy said...

what a sweet and cute post! you and Keith have been going to the nursing home for years!! what wonderful memories you are creating~

Shirley said...

Miss Priss, You cover more activities than anyone I have ever known. Still Precious.