Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Sweet" moments with my daughter

Audrey and I spent the evening baking cookies. Now, I'm no Betty Crocker by any stretch of the imagination...but thanks to

I can make some decent cookies. And see---it says homemade on the box...doesn't that count?

After donning her hat and apron, Audrey set to work giving each cookie her special touch.

Then we waited...and waited.

And of course enjoyed some of these delicious cookies,mmmmm...., as well as some special moments with my daughter.

Isn't she the cutest "cook" you've ever seen?
(for the record, yes we made chocolate chip cookies too!)


Jenny said...

The apron and hat are too cute!

Cassandra said...

OMSTARS! She is way to cute in that hat & apron! Looks like you two had a lot of fun! Merry Christmas!

Diana Kat said...

Love the pics!!! Her apron and hat are adorable!

Nancy said...

what a sweet, sweet blog, Heather! and the pics are too cute!