Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008- A Perfect Day...well Almost!

Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve morning since Corey had to work on Christmas Day. Audrey was stunned and thrilled at the sight of all the toys. She enjoyed ripping into all the gifts and throwing paper everywhere. Corey and I had a blast just watching the look of joy and wonder on her face.

After enjoying each other and playing with the toys all morning. Audrey headed to bed for a nap while Corey and I loaded the car. Audrey and I were going to my mom's for Christmas while we left Corey behind to "save lives and property".

We hit the road with a overly-packed car (you know all the stuff you have to take when you have a a dog, food, presents, etc...) and were on our merry way....that is until the "low tire pressure" indicator came on in my car while we were dashing down the interstate. Of course were were by ourselves, and of course it was raining 'cats and dogs' at the time. Fortunately we were close to the Clanton exit and we pulled off at a gas station where I jumped out to find that my tire was indeed low and coninuing to flatten at a rapid rate.
I called my dad and he rushed to our rescue. I was determined to make the best of a bad circumstance, so Audrey and I went into the station and stocked up on some highly nutritious snacks to enjoy while we waited for my dad.

We sat in the car together and sang Christmas carols to pass the time. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long before Grandaddy showed up and had the tire changed in a snap. *(oh, FYI---I had a Sawz-All blade in my tire---now who left that laying in the road...gee thanks!)

After the flat tire ordeal, we finally arrived at my parent's house only to load back up and head to my dad's family Christmas. We had lots of fun visiting with family and Audrey got lots of wonderful gifts. She has really enjoyed them.

We headed back to my parent's late that night and had to finish up some things to prepare for Christmas morning.

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Nancy said...

Bless your heart, but looks like you made the best of it and that's what important. You've learned well, dear one :)