Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let the Parties Begin~!

Last weekend we traveled back "home" to attend the 'Dozier' Christmas Party. We play Dirty Santa and enjoy a variety of soups and desserts...delish! It is always a fun time, and especially this year with Audrey being our entertainment. I really appreciated my family allowing her to 'pick' their Dirty Santa gift and open it for them. She truly enjoyed herself. A few cousins even built block towers for her to destroy...over, and over, and over again! Such fun!
Mommy's little present!
I'll do that for you :)
Helping Susanne open her gift.
Of course, Granddaddy will let me have that!
My new buddy, Susanne.
1...2...3..knock it down.

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Nancy said...

I love that serious look of hers!!