Saturday, July 31, 2010

Addison- 5 months old

Sweet Baby Girl,

Time is just going by too quickly! I know I say that all the time, but it is so true.

This month has been so fun and interesting. Here are a few things about you:


*weigh 16 pounds

*are 25 inches long

*wear size 2 diapers...but not much longer

*wear size 3-6 month clothes

*are teething. Those front bottom 2 teeth are taking forever to break through. But you are chewing and drooling on EVERYTHING!

*began eating cereal this month. You started out doing pretty well and got the hang of eating with a spoon very quickly. You love that cereal.

*are rolling EVERYWHERE! I can put you down on one side of the room and you will roll all the way to the other side within a few seconds. It seems like you are trying to keep up with your sister

*were dedicated to the Lord this month. Many family members attended

*are realizing when we leave the room and will sometimes fuss until we return

*get very upset when you drop a toy that you wanted to play with or if someone takes that favorite toy away

*are showing us that you aren't as quiet and laid back as we once have a temper and don't mind proving it

*are a very happy baby, most of the time. We can just look at you and you will smile. (unless you are tired)

*are still sleeping well at night, but during the day you don't nap very well. You only catnap.

*try very hard to sit up. You can tripod for a few seconds, but get so excited and just jerk backwards and topple over.

*went through some pretty bad stranger anxiety for a while. It seems to be doing a little better.

*are scared of dogs---even our lab Sadie. You cry when you see her even if she isn't near you.

*love watching your big sister. You keep your eye on her everywhere she goes.

*have learned to blow raspberries---and your favorite time to do that is when you have a mouth full of cereal.

* shake your head back and forth ('no') when you get tired, but you also do it playing with mommy. I will mimic you and we go back and forth doing that for a while. It makes you laugh.

*are precious and loved!

Below is the dress Addison wore for her baby dedication.

This picture totally cracks me up!

How could you not kiss all over this adorable face!?!

And you bet that chubby belly gets some kisses and tickles, too!


Regina and David said...

you always post the most beautiful photos of your girls! you do a great job with your pictures!

Kasey said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! Please teach me how to take such great ones! Although.... your precious subject contributes to a great deal of their greatness! She's beautiful!!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous pictures!