Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

This year brought us many ups and downs-

In January, Addison said her first word (mama).

February brought us smiles and tears. We had to say our earthly good-byes to Pawpaw. Heaven got another angel. We celebrated Addison's 1st birthday party and her first steps.

Throughout March, we suffered sickness- especially the evil stomach bug.

In April, Addison had her first haircut. We celebrated Audrey's 4th birthday. Also, our town was destroyed by vicious tornadoes. Audrey's birthday party had to be postponed due to all the damage.

May saw celebrations of Corey's birthday and finally Audrey's 4th birthday party at the gymnastics place. Audrey had gymnastics Olympics. It was also the end of preschool and gymnastics classes.

In June, we enjoyed some lazy days of Summer. Corey went deep sea fishing and Audrey attended vacation bible school. Also, Boots, an adorable little puppy, showed up at our house and we took him in.

Throughout July we enjoyed supper with a few friends. Grammy, Audrey, Addison and I took a memorable trip to the beach.

August brought on the beginning of preschool for Audrey and Addison (her first time). Corey spent a couple of weeks hunting in Colorado.

In September, Audrey had her first day of ballet class, which she loved. Also, our family of 4 took a wonderfully fun and relaxing trip to the beach.

October was full of Fall fun, visiting WES Fest and the Fall Festival at Mom's church. The girls trick-or-treated as Ariel and a bumblebee.

In November, I celebrated my birthday and we enjoyed Thanksgiving with Corey's dad and sisters and with my family.

December was full of wonderful Christmas memories. Audrey had a Christmas Tea Party, Parent/Visitor Day at ballet, and her Preschool Christmas Performance. Addison was only fond of Santa from a distance. Corey and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.

When I began this post, I thought of the many downs we had during the year, but as I began typing I realized that I didn't really want to recall all those low times, I only wanted to remember all the great memories and blessings that we received this year. So, when I really look back I can see with a different perspective that 2011 was indeed a "good" year. I pray that 2012 will also be full of wonderful memories and blessings for my family and friends.

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