Thursday, July 22, 2010

Audrey's 1st Swim Lesson

Monday, July 12 Audrey had her first swimming lesson. We found an instructor that teaches at some of the places around here, but will also teach private lessons at your house. We don't have a pool, but our kind neighbor does and she is letting us use hers. To make it even better, Audrey's little friend that also lives up the road and is her age, is taking lessons with her. They have fun and are pretty comfortable with trying new things since they are used to playing and swimming together. A plus in our favor is that the instructor can use their "competitive side" to get them to do something for her. If one does it, the other feels she must follow suit.

Audrey is learning to kick her legs. She is trying really hard.

Audrey is NOT fond of laying on her back to learn to float. :(

Audrey and her friend seeing who could splash the biggest.

Learning to put her face under water and blow bubbles.

So far she is enjoying it and learning things each time. Hopefully, she will be swimming like a little fish in no time :)

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